Monday, February 21, 2011

"The View From Here": February 14-20

Life has gotten in the way of my blogging lately so I thought I would start a new weekly post entitled "The View From Here". I have read a few blogs recently where the writers are taking daily or weekly pictures and posting them on their blogs. Clare calls it Project 365 and Laura calls it Fighting the February Doldrums. I decided to steal this idea and make it my own.

Lately I feel like the days and months are on super fast forward speed! I am loving life and really enjoying Jacob at this age, but I don't feel like I am getting enough of our everyday comings and goings down on paper or in pictures. I fear that five, ten or eighteen years down the road, I am going to look back and really wish that I had written more down and taken more pictures & videos.

In "The View From Here", I am going to do a weekly post of pictures and videos from the previous week. Hopefully this will force me to take more pictures and also to do more regular blog posts! Here goes for Week #1:

February 14:
One of Jacob's newest talents

February 15:
Jacob loves to line up his cars.
I think it's cute, but do you think he could have a little OCD? :)

February 17:
It was a beautiful day so I ate lunch &
worked on the back deck while Jake napped.
And, yes...I ate chips and homemade salsa for lunch!

February 17:
It is amazing how quickly Jacob picks things up.
A month or so ago when we were at Katie's house, Pierce was swinging
a ball around and saying "a one, a two, a three..." and then throwing
it up in the air. Jacob started doing the same thing not long
after that and now it is one of his favorite things to do!

February 19:
Jacob has always been very affectionate with me.
Lately he loves to give me "kisses" where
he grabs my face and gives me open mouth kisses.
It is really cute, but really sloppy!

Happy Mommy & Jacob

It is kind of hard to see, but Jacob got a fat upper lip when we
were at the park on Saturday. He tripped going into one of the tunnels
and his lip started bleeding. He didn't cry but for a second and then went
on playing. He is my tough little boy!!

February 20:
Our playroom is finally complete!
Changing our spare bedroom into a playroom has been a
looooong projectbut it is finally done.
Now all of Jacob's toys can be contained in one room,
instead of all over the house!!