Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my 36th (wow!!) birthday and it was a great day! Of course, there was the uninvited guest named (Hurricane) Irene that decided to arrive in Virginia yesterday and leave many of my friends and family members without power in Richmond! Thankfully, here in Charlottesville, we only got slight wind gusts and a lot of rain. No power outages or trees down and, for that, I am very thankful!

Yesterday morning, Keith got Jacob up and let me "sleep in". Of course, with a noisy two year old running around, I couldn't really sleep, but I was able to lay in bed for a little while and watch The Weather Channel (which I have been addicted to watching over the past few days!). Once I got up, Keith went to Dunkin Donuts and got me my favorite donuts. They were so fresh and yummy!

Mid-morning, we headed into "town", dropped off some books at the library and then went to The Hibachi Grill (which was my choice) for lunch. I was craving some Asian food and they have a big selection of Chinese, Japanese and American food. I also knew it would be a good place to find stuff that Keith and Jacob would like.

During lunch, as I was putting hot mustard on my Chinese Spring Roll, Jacob said he wanted some. And, even though I assured him many, many, many times that he would not like it and that it was really hot, he still wanted to taste it. just giving him a little bit of it on my finger was not enough. He wanted to hold the packet himself. So...since I sometimes like him to learn through natural consequences, I let him do whatever he wanted.

At first, he was enjoying it....
and then he realized how HOT it was and wasn't very happy....
Don't worry, a little water and some bread and he was back to normal. Well, not exactly normal...he decided he wanted to eat some butter right out of the little tub. Sounds gross, huh?
Well he loved it! LOL

After lunch, we came back home for rest and relaxation. Jacob took a nap and I laid around watching The Weather Channel and checking email and Facebook. It was glorious! :)

At one point, I looked at Jacob's monitor because he had cried out and I thought he might be waking up. This is what I saw on the monitor....he was sitting up and then he put his head down straight in front of him without getting out of the sitting pose! It looks super uncomfortable, but he stayed like that for about 30 mins!

Once Jacob got up from his nap, we played together while Keith made dinner! It was a welcome change since I am the one who makes dinner every night. Here he is peeling potatoes:
Blackened salmon, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts and garlic bread...YUM!!
Even though we didn't lose power, we had a candlelight dinner, just the three of us!
My beautiful plate...thanks honey!!

After dinner, Keith cleaned up the dishes and then we had ice cream cake (my favorite!). Jacob enjoyed singing Happy Birthday to Mommy. I wish we would have gotten it on video, he was so cute.

Thank you, Keith, for such a wonderful relaxing day. I didn't do dishes, laundry, cook, clean or anything else I didn't want to do all day! For any moms out there, you know that is an awesome day!