Tuesday, August 7, 2012

38(ish) week update

Nothing too exciting to report. I went to the doctor yesterday for my 38 week pre-natal exam (even though I am not 38 weeks until tomorrow!). Since I had just been there four days before - last Thursday, I was not surprised that nothing has really changed. The nurse even asked if I wanted the doctor to do a cervical check. I said yes, just to see if any of the minor cramping/tightening that I was experiencing over the weekend did anything. Of course, that was not the case. I saw Dr. Culver and he said that there was no change - still 50% effaced, no dilation and the baby's head is still "way up high". Nothing surprising, but I was hoping for a little bit of a change.

My numbers yesterday were:

  • Weight: up another lb for a total of 21 lbs
  • BP: 119/40 (a little high, but the nurse said it was because I was talking while she was measuring it)
  • Fundal Height: 36 cm
  • Baby's Heartbeat: 135
I keep going back and forth in my mind about whether I want this baby to come soon or wait a little while. This past weekend, when I got the infant carrier out of the bag that it had been in for the past two years while in the crawl space, the fabric that surrounds it and the belts were all moldy! YUCK! Thankfully I was able to take it all apart and wash all the different pieces and now they are all clean and nice-smelling again! As I was putting it all back together again last night, I envisioned a little baby inside the carrier and it made me want to see him soon! Then again, this morning when Jacob was up at 6:40am and, while half asleep, I had to change him and his bed sheets because he had peed the bed during the night, I was thinking it is nice to not have a newborn to worry about just yet. Of course, only God knows when he is going to make his arrival and I am trying to enjoy having him safe inside me while knowing that I will not be pregnant forever!

One other thing is that Jacob starts preschool next Thursday, August 16th. I am hoping that either this baby comes before then (this week presumably) or he waits and arrives after the 16th. I am just a little worried that I am going to be in the hospital and miss this important event. I know that Keith or Mimi will do a great job of getting him to school and back, but I really want to be there! The preschool he is attending is at the church that we go to and the classrooms are the same as he uses for Sunday School so I am hoping that he doesn't have a hard time transitioning. But, he still sometimes cries when we leave him on Sundays so I am sure it is not going to be as easy as I would like. Also, I am pretty sure that I will be crying too! He will only be away from 9am-noon, but that is a long time for him to be in a somewhat strange place. Thankfully, there will be at least four other kiddos that he knows in his class so they can all do it together! :)

My next OB appt is next Monday, August 13th. Hopefully by then, something will have changed. We shall see....

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Kristina H. said...

So exciting...you're almost there!! :) I'll be praying for you as Jacob starts preschool...it's a big step, but how nice that it's a place he already knows well. Can't wait to read your next update!