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23-24 Weeks Update

Last week, I had my monthly pre-natal exam (at 23 weeks) and it went well. The basics were done - urine sample, blood pressure (which was higher than normal at 131/80, but the nurse didn't seem too concerned), and weight (up 1 lb for a total of 7 lbs so far).

I saw Dr. Culver, one of the six doctors in the practice, and he was very nice. I hadn't seen him since early on when I was pregnant with Jacob and I was pleased that he was so friendly. I find that I often prefer female doctors since they tend to be more compassionate and understanding. But, Dr. Culver was very talkative and we discussed a lot of things.

First, he looked at my chart and said "So, we are looking at a due date of August 18th?" and I said, "Uh, no, I was told at my first appointment that it was August 24th." He seemed kinda puzzled and looked through my chart a little more. Once he read through some notes left by the other doctors, he said he didn't understand why August 18th was written down because based on my last period and his calculations, it should really be August 22nd. I told him I was fine with that since it was only two days earlier than I was originally told, but I would have been more freaked out if he had pushed it up by an entire week. Not that I have any control over when this little boy is going to come out, but I am certainly not trying to rush this pregnancy!

Once we had the due date issue figured out, he listened to the baby's heartbeat and, thankfully, it didn't take long for him to find it. It was "in the 140s" and really strong. After that, he felt my abdomen a little and measured my belly, which he said looked fine. I am certainly starting to feel bigger, although since I am overweight and have a lot of "extra" in my belly area, it is hard for most people to tell that I am pregnant. I kinda like it when the doctors say that I am growing just like I should and don't point out the extra weight I am carrying!

After the heartbeat and measurement, we discussed the Gestational Diabetes Screening test that I will have to have in the next month. Dr. Culver said that I can actually have the test done on the same day as my next pre-natal exam. Apparently the procedure has changed from three years ago when I had Jacob (back then I had to go to Lab Corp in a different part of the building for the test). This time, he said I can just let the receptionist know that I want to have the test when I check in for my appointment and she will give me the yummy (not!) sugary drink to consume. Then, after my appointment, I have to go across the street to the lab to give my blood sample once an hour has passed. I am really not trying to stress about this test, even though I did fail the one hour test when I was pregnant with Jacob (but passed the three hour test). I remember being really worried that I was going to have GD with Jacob. This time, I am just going to go with the flow and see what happens. Stressing is not going to make it be positive or negative! I am just hopeful that I can pass the one hour test this time so that I don't have to find a babysitter for Jacob and sit in the lab for three hours!

Dr. Culver also talked to me about my desired birth plan this time around. Since I had a c-section with Jacob, he said I had the option of having a repeat scheduled c-section or trying a vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean). We talked about the risks of both and I told him that I have thought about this ever since I had my c-section and I think I would really like to try for a vbac. The idea of another c-section does not bother or scare me, but if I am able to naturally (with pain meds, of course!!) push this baby out, I think that is my desire. Dr. Culver said that the reasons I had to have a c-section with Jacob (my water broke at 37 weeks and I was not dilated so they had to induce me with pitocin AND Jacob was transverse so he never came down the birth canal) will hopefully not be factors with this baby so he didn't see any reason why a vbac wouldn't be a viable option. He did say that in order to have a vbac, my body will have to go into labor naturally. If that doesn't happen for some reason or if those same factors seem to occur again, I will have to have a repeat c-section. At this point, only time will tell!

As of today, I am 24 weeks and 1 day and the time seems to continue to fly by. I am trying not to get anxious about all that needs to be done before this little one arrives, but it is certainly in the back of my head. Over the next two months or so, Keith and I need to formulate a plan of moving Jacob out of his room and into what is now the playroom. This will involve moving two dressers and a toddler bed out of the garage and also finding other space in the house (or in the garage or crawl space) for the enormous amount of toys that are currently in the playroom. I am a little worried that the transition will not be easy for Jacob since he has told me numerous times that he wants to stay in his room and the baby can sleep in the playroom. I am not sure that he really knows what he is saying, other than the idea of moving out the room that he has been in for the past almost three years is probably very scary. I am hoping that once he sees that he can be in the bigger room with some of his toys, he will be ok. I guess we will see!

For the most part, I am feeling pretty good right now. I am starting to feel bigger and wearing maternity clothes for the most part (even though most of the shirts and some of the pants are still too big!). My regular clothes (especially my pants) just don't fit any longer. Most days, I find myself wearing my "comfy pants" (ie, cotton pants with drawstrings) for a majority (or all) of the day. If we have nowhere to go, I just put them on in the morning and if we go out somewhere, I change as soon as we get home! I feel a little bad for Keith because every day when he gets home I look like a frumpy housewife! haha He says he doesn't care and I am glad because at least I am comfortable!  I don't have many casual summer maternity bottoms since I was working full-time in an office during my last pregnancy. I have plenty of business casual clothes, but not a lot of things to wear to the playground or to the grocery store. I have never been a fan of shorts, but I just ordered myself two pair of shorts and a pair of capris from JCPenney.  I am hoping they fit ok and I like them because but I know that I am going to get bigger and bigger and the weather is going to get hotter and hotter in the coming months!

This baby is definitely much more of a mover than Jacob was and I feel him move numerous times a day, whenever I am still. Usually it is in the afternoons when I am sitting down to work and at night when I am on the couch, either working or watching TV. So far, the movements haven't hindered my sleep (although I am having other issues in that area) and I am enjoying feeling him move! Hopefully Keith will be able to feel it soon since he was never really able to feel Jacob move.

The huge pregnancy pillow that I bought during my last pregnancy has made its way back into our bed. It makes it a little more comfortable to sleep with it since I can put part of it between my knees and I can hug the other part while I sleep. Just like last time, I am having trouble getting comfortable on my side since I am a (non-pregnant) stomach sleeper. I am also finding that my hands and fingers are going numb during the night and, of course, I am waking up to pee at least once. Since this is the second time around, I know that these are all "normal" things that pregnant women go through, but it still doesn't make it any easier! Thankfully, this time around, I don't have to get up early to go to work and Jacob is a late sleeper. Most mornings, I sleep until he starts calling for me around 7:30-8am.

I am also dealing with an increase of heartburn no matter what I eat or drink. This is nothing new, as I dealt with it pretty bad during my last pregnancy. I have been trying to stay away from taking medication and using the all-natural Papaya Enzyme pills my sister suggested, but there are a few days that I have resorted to taking Zantac. I was on that daily with Jacob (and taking it twice a day towards the end) so I am sure it is just going to get worse. I was trying to stay away from the foods that would cause the heartburn, but now, it comes at the oddest times (like yesterday after I drank milk), so I just eat/drink what I want and deal with the consequences.

I have also experienced the weird numbness in my left thigh that I had during my last pregnancy. It hasn't happened as much as it did last time, but it is still a little bothersome at times. Last time, I had PT done but it never really helped it go away. This time I am just going to chalk it up as another pregnancy symptom and deal with it.

My next pre-natal appointment and Glucose Screening Test are on May 24th. I will post another update then, unless something exciting or unusual happens and I post sooner. :)

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